This site is Hazy Grey and Under Way.

The USS Simon Lake Association is by and for any past crew members and their families.  The main mission of the association is to keep the memory alive of the ship, her crews and her missions.  We welcome submissions. 

We plan to have pages dedicated to pictures and videos to bring back memories.  In the meanwhile we hope you enjoy this visit to the Simon Lake during the early days in Holy Loch.  Our ship is in the early part of the video.  Anyone see themselves in it?

The AS33 departing The Norfolk Naval Shipyard for the ghost fleet on the James River.  December 3, 2015.  Thanks to Mike Christian for the photos. 

For Plank Owners, the link below should bring back memories.  For the rest of us crew members and families we can learn much about the early days.  Enjoy!

USS Simon Lake AS33


The new web page is under way.  Well, really it is under construction.  Check back often.  Welcome aboard!


The USS Simon Lake, AS33 was moved at 0730 hours on Thursday, December 3, 2015 from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard pier to the Ghost Fleet on the James River. 


Simon Lake Reunion 18-22 Sept 2016, Savannah GA.
Embassy Suites Savannah Airport

145 W. Mulbery Blvd
Savannah GA 31407
Phone # 912-330-8222
 King Suites $ 144.00 + tax 13% tax plus $ 5.00 per room

Queen Suites $ 154.00 + tax 

Reservations should be made at this time

Time is running short.  Come for all or part of it. 
Carol Pyle is the boots on the ground  in Savannah .

Tours and meals are planned and there is more detail on the "Next Reunion" page.