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Above is a recent video sent in from Michael Del Duco who served as a Radioman on the USS Simon Lake from 1990 to 1992.  As you can see, she is still resting on the James River awaiting her next orders.  For those who attended the reunion at the pier in 2015 and wrote their names on the hull, It looks like our names have worn off. 

The USS Simon Lake Association is by and for any past crew members and their families.  The main mission of the association is to keep the memory alive of the ship, her crews and her missions.  We welcome submissions. 

The ship is currently stored with the ghost fleet on the James River in Virginia awaiting disposition.

We are building pages dedicated to pictures and videos to bring back memories.  Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch if you have something to contribute. Visit the history page and the reunion pages often, we are adding content often.

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The AS33 departing The Norfolk Naval Shipyard for the ghost fleet on the James River.  December 3, 2015.  Thanks to Mike Christian for the photos. 

USS Simon Lake AS33


We continue to build the site as time allows.  Check back often.  Welcome aboard.

Last Update - June 1, 2018

This was one of the surprises at the 2017 reunion.  Will there be surprises at the 2018 reunion?  

The Submarine Birthday Ball at the Naval Academy this past April.  The Master of Ceremonies is joined by the youngest and oldest attending qualified submariners to cut the cake.  I'm not sure many will know the youngest, but many of us know the oldest.  

Information about the 2018 reunion is posted and those planning on attending should register with the Association and Hotel soon.  There are only a few more rooms available at the main reunion hotel, however there is a backup.  The reunion information will continue to be updated as more details become available.